Quality Education, Employability, Livelihoods and Access to basic services facilitation is our mandate


Development Initiatives – DEVIIN is a social profit (not-for-profit) development & humanitarian
organization established in 2020 with a mandate to facilitate quality education, employability,
livelihoods and access to basic services for marginalized and vulnerable groups.


Areas of Our Work


Improvement in


Our contribution to lasting large scale community development begins from the root with: Advocating for and supporting evolution of school curriculums, facilities and methods of teaching…

Inclusive Economic


We believe that when economic opportunity is inclusive for every community and every person, significant development happens. To contribute towards this, we work to see that youths, women …

Acess To Basic


Water, Energy,


We actively work with stakeholders including local government and communities to facilitate access to the most essential needs of daily life for underserved communities vi

Civic Engagement

& Effective


On our own account, with communities working together or individuals working alone in non political peaceful actions, we advocate for and support good citizenship, social justice, accountable …