Facilitating Access to Basic Services that are

sustainable/climate action oriented

We actively work to facilitate access to the most essential needs of daily life…

We actively work with stakeholders including local government and communities to facilitate access to the most essential needs of daily life for underserved communities viz:

  • Clean Drinkable Water; Develop (and rehabilitate) water points.
  • Basic Sanitation & Hygiene Facilities; ensure the use of basic toilets and ways to separate human waste from contact with people as well as nurture good hygiene practices.
  • Health Care; assist the government ministry of health & related institutions through our health promotion, health protection, and support with healthcare service delivery; to ensure that children, women, and men are treated, cared for, and protected from some of the leading causes of death (HIV, Malaria, Diabetes, TB, sickle cell, mental health, and maternal health related issues), as well as support in fighting against epidemics and pandemics when they occur. We visit schools, district hospitals, and other community health structures for sensitization campaigns, conduct voluntary screening, distribute materials, and disseminate relevant information.
  • Energy; power/electricity & alternatives.
  • Waste Collection; Advocacy, sensitization, donation of garbage bins.
  • Social Welfare; Advocacy for alternative community-centered schemes.
  • Internet Access; In today’s technology-driven world, contribute to advancing digital equity and close the broadband gap for the nearly 50% of people who don’t have internet access, by advocating for and facilitating access to affordable internet, affordable devices, and digital skills to keep up with school, work or emerging telehealth.