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A Board with the support of an Advisory council and Executive team…

Deviin is overseen by a Board with the support of an Advisory council and Executive team. Our head office (which we refer to as Global Support Team) operates out of five locations: Buea Cameroon, Washington DC USA, Toronto Canada, London UK and Geneva Switzerland; together they provide alignment & support services to our field programs, are a platform to represent, promote Deviin amongst relevant international development & humanitarian donor entities and our partners, hence raise awareness and mobilize the international community to support the sustainable development goals (SDGs) that relate to our mission.

Our maiden/current field program is in the South West and Littoral regions of Cameroon, where with our personal resources, we are delivering impact in the communities where we work. We aim to leverage this experience along with potential financial and technical support from friends, colleagues, local institutions, national and international partners including development agencies, business entities & benevolent individuals to make significant change and ultimately intervene in neighboring countries & beyond.

The Board meets every quarter, sets & reviews the organization’s strategic orientation and priorities through a strong governance mechanism, including a fiduciary responsibility to protect assets to assure our growth and sustainability. With our vision, mission and values as their guide, our Directors:

• Support our Chief Executive Officer and Executive Team to advance our work to catalyze change.

• Challenge & refine our approaches to align with our values & commitments to achieving large scale change.

• Identify opportunities and actively engage in resource mobilization to advance our mission.

• Be active in or lead one or more Board committees to guide and provide recommendations to enhance our work.

• Become our ambassadors and advocates.

• Help achieve our annual fundraising goals.

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The Executive Team alongside other sub-teams have strategy implementation and operational management responsibility.

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The Advisory Council is a collection of volunteer leaders who are passionate about effecting community large scale, impactful & lasting change. Members serve as thought partners and ambassadors and contribute to advocacy, fundraising, and programmatic endeavors by providing expertise, access, and insight. Their efforts help Deviin generate more awareness to achieve our goal of catalyzing change & shaping futures for local communities.

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