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Development Initiatives is an independent social profit organization dedicated to bringing about socio-economic improvement for people and local communities…

Naturally, before good things happen, Bad things have the stage: Relatively inadequate education systems, youth lack of confidence (insecurity), zero to poor basic services & infrastructures (drinkable water points, energy, roads & essential health care facilities), too little industrialization with very limited local manufacturing, unemployment, civil conflicts, displacements and migrations. These issues amidst social injustices, inequalities & climate change affect the well being of our entire world; and sadly alarming in the global south. They are the complex challenges that make life difficult for our community’s most vulnerable – disadvantaged and excluded groups; and compel a contribution from civil society.

Thus, Development Initiatives (a.k.a Deviin) is an independent social profit organization dedicated to bringing about socio-economic improvement for people and local communities. We create change making and empowerment opportunities (in a holistic approach that assures large scale, lasting change and impact) through integrated multisectoral programming using humanitarian, peace building and development actions simultaneously:

Promoting Quality Improvement in Education Content & Delivery

Promoting Quality Childhood Learning & Facilitating Access to Basic Life Skills

Facilitating Access to Basic Services that are Sustainable

Fostering Inclusive Economic Opportunities

Fostering civic engagement & effective institutions

Against the backdrop of these integrated areas of our work, we actively help before, during and after emergencies & disasters, we mainstream gender and consider climate action in our programming, towards the large scale impact we want: please create this link Emergency Management, Mainstreaming Gender & Climate Action and when you click on it, takes you to this page below titled:

Emergency management (readiness-response-peace & stability)|Mainstreaming gender & climate action across our programming|Relevant research      Under this title will be the following text

Parallel to doing our development work, we contribute to mitigate the risk of crisis, ensure that (when they unfortunately occur) people affected have what they need to survive; including protection, food, water, shelter and basic household items, without resorting to desperate measures. We do this by providing needed assistance and especially unconditional cash assistance – where appropriate, so that people can buy what they need themselves, which benefits the local economy and support them with reconstructing their communities and livelihoods in the aftermath – and then engage in initiatives to improve trust between & within communities and reduce risk of violence.

We understand the critical importance to humanitarian action & sustainable development of gender and climate action. That is why we mainstream these in all the work we do.

Our gender taskforce works with their program advisor & program associate colleagues to help mainstream gender across our programming – there is a gender and intersectionality lens to every project we design.

We know that, the intricate linkage between man’s well being and his environment cannot be over emphasized – as failure to take care of this environment and nature will definitely put man’s own long-term survival at risk (e.g the world keeps getting hit by several natural disasters like floods and droughts exacerbated by climate change). Thus, the strategy around Deviin’s mainstreaming of environmental care/protection for sustainable development entails: A continuing climate action awareness emphasis among our relevant program staff involved in design/development as well as our relevant stakeholders.