We want to refine the attitude and character of young people, keep them away from delinquent behavior, inspire, prepare and accompany them today – the next generation; to be well-spoken, confident, engaged, task efficient collaborators & leaders. Such contribution to quality upbringing along with appropriate education and training are key to unlocking the brighter future we seek for these young people; who as resulting change makers, shall have greater potential to transform their communities and the economy at large with the right attitude, innovation, entrepreneurial ideas, ambition or simply outstanding skills they would bring to entities as employees.

Our counseling, career guidance and mentoring program will make this possible. These initiatives support adolescent boys, girls and older graduates in shaping appropriate values, attitudes & behaviors, deciding and choosing, pathing-out and planning the necessary training and direction towards contemporary careers and positive change:


  • Motivational & Inspirational events
  • Interest & talent identification – through assessment and evaluation: Counseling & situational assessment focuses on helping individuals identify and better articulate their unique interests, personality, values, beliefs, preferences, and talent to determine how well they may match with a fulfilling career path. This sets precedence to an effective career support plan and execution.
  • Access to vital information that support contemporary career and learning choices – provide the necessary breakthrough window of opportunities to discover the tasks, experience, education and training plan for a career of choice and provide adequate support with implementation.