Our Story: History/Origins

DEVIIN Origins…

April 2002 in Buea Cameroon, a group of fresh graduates founded CYGRACIG to help address growing unemployment among school leavers in their community at the time. Different ambitions & the pursuit for greener pastures will eventually disperse them across the country and the world at large.

Fast forward to 2018, the idea had evolved against the backdrop of broader awareness and deeper understanding of the sustainable development agenda over the years and Deviin was informally created in North America out of this process as a change argent. A resolve to take the needed change oriented action happened in the wake of the Corona virus pandemic in March 2020: Horror from rising death toll globally, and seeing so many local communities in lack of adequate basic clean water to wash hands frequently as prescribed by WHO, meant a looming worse situation. This will ignite Deviin’s formal existence – starting in Cameroon (the central African home country of its founders) that was already battling three humanitarian crises.

Today, Deviin’s head office (which we refer to as Global Support Team) operates out of five locations: Buea Cameroon, Washington DC USA, Toronto Canada, London UK and Geneva Switzerland. They provide alignment & services to our field programs and a platform to seek and strengthen partnerships with relevant stakeholders. Our maiden field program is in the South West and Littoral regions of Cameroon since April 2020, where with our personal resources, we are delivering impact in the communities where we work. We aim to leverage this experience along with potential financial and technical support from friends, colleagues, local institutions, national and international partners including development agencies, business entities & benevolent individuals to make significant change and ultimately intervene in neighboring countries & beyond.