Campaigning, Advocacy & Policy Dialogue

From experience delivering our various programs, we shall ultimately engage in advocacy actions to influence local and international policy & practice in ways that improve the socio-economic wellbeing of people and communities. Our advocacy and policy work will ensure young people, women and local communities increasingly become a key stakeholder in their development and a force of change. To this end, our actions-to-influence (working with government, international institutions and the private sector) shall focus around:

– Early youth mentoring (counselling and orientation) from 4th year of secondary school

– Quality improvement (and compliance) in education & training content and delivery

-Significantly reducing social injustices/inequalities which challenge poverty eradication

-Youth civic engagement & inclusive governance (participation in governance process)

-Effective and responsive public institutions

-Responsive private sector that embodies principles of sustainable development

-Financial inclusion

-Entrenchment of gender and environmental concerns into the development mainstream

-Alignment of international economic and development policy with local development and poverty alleviation objectives

We shall also conduct research in cross cutting themes around development and humanitarian action.